Sunday, 10 August 2014

Why Diet's don't work, : Calorie Counting.

Diets are hard. Really hard.
The second you decide to go on a diet is the exact second food becomes the only thing on your mind. 

Diets are inevitably going to end in failure, and it's not your fault. It's the inaccurate information that is exposed to you on a daily basis, causing you to make bad food decisions. 

Most of us , have absorbed so much misinformation that we're not sure what to believe anymore. 

Down the line, I'll get into more reasons why Diets are bad. But today I'm starting with Calories. 


Definition of a calorie:
 A calorie is just a measurement of energy ; the amount of energy needed to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius at standard atmospheric pressure. 

In the 1920's the word Calorie was introduce to civilisation , and ever since , we.are.obsessed. 
 Millions of people every day spend endless amounts of money joining programs with calorie restricted meal plans all to find the weight isn't shifting and they feel awful. Calories aren't a measure of how the food will end up in your body. They're a measure of the amount of energy in that food. 

for example, the average avocado has 160 calories, but a cookie can be as low as 60 calories. 

Yet that avocado will make your hair shine, your skin glow , and give you an abundance of energy .
That cookie on the other hand , will stick right to the parts of the body you don't want , unless eaten in moderation. 

Diets became popular around the beginning of weight watchers and other companies alike. It's clear from looking back on history, that the more convenience food , the less 'real' food ,lead people to start diets. Because they we eating all the pre-packed-point labelled foods they could get their hands on, but they severely lacked nutrition so their weight began to rise.

 We are living in a world where people are over fed, yet under nourished. 

Don't believe me? I Challenge you to 20 days of eating pure , natural good foods , with the occasional treat and not counting a single calorie. 
Your weight will go down or stay at a healthy level , and your energy levels will soar. 

Think about it, has a banana ever made anyone fat? 

Ciara, x

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